142.86 average

See, isn’t that weird? I gained 2lbs over the weekend, despite having racked up a heckuva calorie deficit.

Sat – 500 calories eaten and about 500 calories cycled off (on top of the ordinary daily requirements to keep heart beating and lungs working etc)

Sun – 2000 calories eaten and about 2000 calories cycled off (again , on top of the daily requirements for ordinary bodily functions)

Monday – 0 calories eaten and about 1000 calories cycled off

if I require 2000 calories a day, then over 3 days I’d need 6000 calories. I also burned off an estimated 3500 calories. A total expenditure of 9500 calories. I actually ate about 2500 calories, so a deficit of 7000 calories over three days was produced.

If the simplistic calories in / calories out model really were true (which I doubt) I should have fallen below 140lbs this morning, but instead I gained two pounds.¬† It can’t be glycogen in the muscle. There can’t be much in there if I cycled for three hours on no food at all yesterday. It can’t be sodium levels making me retain water as I consumed no sodium yesterday either. It’s mysterious and just goes to show what a blunt measuring instrument the scales really are. I know damn well I can’t have actually ‘gained weight’ in the diet-failing kind of way because that’s physically impossible and yet my scales say I’ve gained weight.

So, all those people who rely on their weigh-ins to keep them informed of their slimming progress: TAKE NOTE the scales can and do tell porkie pies.

Eats: 1 onion bread w/saucisson and cheese | 1 mixed salad w/ stir fried rice | 1 banana | 1 pckt wine pastilles | 3 milk-tea | water| 3 water biscuits w/ sunflower seed | salmon w/ fresh broccoli, courgette and new potatoes |

Exercise: commute to work through rain (5.5miles), commute home in glorious  sunshine (6.5 miles)

mixed weather. Temp about 16C