I’m 5’7 (1.7m) tall,  32 years old and female. I have been eating this way since I tipped the scales at 150.6 lbs (or 68.3kg) on 6th April 09.   At point of starting, my BMI was 23.2. I weighed 150.6lbs, but I mainly go by my average weight according to physcisdiet. At point of starting that was:  148.47lbs. To see how I’m doing, my progress summaries can be found here.

On my Fast Days I don’t eat for the whole day and go to bed unfed but I can drink unlimited amounts of tea with or without milk. I can also drink coffee and of course water. I’ve had juice on a fast day before but I feel that’s not a good idea as the sugars tend to make me hungry. I avoid fruit juice or sweet drinks for that reason.

On my Food Days I eat unlimited. I don’t count calories but I do pay attention to what I eat and aim to make sure I eat nutritious foods rather than junk. I’ve found that junk makes me feel like junk, but my palate leans toward crunchy vegetables and wholegrain foods anyway. That makes eating healthily much easier. White bread holds no attraction to me.  I do tend to eat a lot of sugar (sweets) given half a chance. My only criticism of how I choose to eat on Food Days is that  and also sometimes I don’t get in enough protein, so that is an area I do pay attention to. Other than that, I have what I like, when I like. It’s extremely rare that I  binge on Food Days so that’s not been a problem. When I do have those unhealthy treat foods I make sure it’s after I’ve had something sensible.

For exercise I cycle 12 miles a day (that’s my commute) and at weekends I am often as not out doing a cycle tour with panniers and camping gear with my boyfriend, TSC (The Sous Chef). Those are usually 50 miles a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I’ve fasted on some of those without any problems at all although I do get ravenous after a day’s cycling on no food. I tend to see a small weight gain after these long rides, though. It’s weird but I enjoy cycling too much to give it up.

I also go salsa dancing occasionally and let me tell you, that is like a three hour aerobics class when it’s a good night. I get extremely sweaty and after three or four fast songs I look a fright, but I love it.

because I cycle a lot and am a pearshape to boot, I reckon my upper body is a little on the small and weak side. I need to do more strength training. I couldn’t do more than 3 push ups (and I’m talking about those half-push-ups where you have your knees on the floor) and I want to be able to do full push ups one day.  I’m building up to it by doing push ups each morning and I do some other upper body exercises when I feel like it (depends on how much time I have).