143lbs average

This would be interesting . Cycle touring on no food. Imagine getting on a bicycle loaded with about 8kg of extra weight. Cycling off into the countryside on no breakfast. At lunchtime you stop but have nothing but water. You get back onto the bike and cycle for another 15 miles or so. You get home, have a bath but have no dinner. You have burned about 1000-2000 calories in exercise on no food whatsoever.

TSC had porridge and I went without. We cycled toward the ferry port. The day would be about 35 miles of some rolling terrain. The weather was beautifully sunny and warm. We stopped in a town for lunch. TSC tucked into some baguettes, feta salad, cheese while I chatted about this and that, trying not to imagine what that roasted onion bread must really taste like.

We caught the train part of the way home and got home early evening.¬† We shared a hot bath and TSC had stir fried rice for dinner. I was absolutely famished. I had cycled all day on no food and was beyond hungry. Stubbornly I held on and refused to eat until breakfast. Mostly I wanted to see whether I see a weight loss after three days of cycling on only one day of food. In the past, whenever I’ve gone away on cycle-touring, I have always eaten every day and then come back heavier than when I left. I wanted to see whether I would continue to lose if I maintained the alternate day eating pattern.

Watching TSC eat his fried rice dinner, I was aware how ravenous I was. I went to bed feeling very hungry but knew I could tuck into a generous breakfast in the morning….

Eats: not a bean

Exercise: approximately 3 hours of cycling (30 miles) with 8kg in panniers