my progress so far

my progress so far

pink peaks are weights that go above the calculated average.  Pinks draw the average weight line upwards. Not what I want.

Green spikes are weights that are below the average. Lots of greens draw the average weight line downwards. This is better.

At point of starting, my BMI was 23.2. I weighed 150.6lbs, but I mainly go by my average weight according to physcisdiet. At point of starting that was:  148.47lbs.

April: 143.73 lbs

By the end of April I’d lost 10.6lbs in actual weight or a 4.7lbs lost off my average weight  I also lost an inch and a quarter off my derriere, an inch off my thigh and half an inch off my waist (already slim to begin with). My BMI dropped to 22.5

May: 142.83 lbs

I went up a little in May  to 144.1 when I had a few days of not fasting properly. Then I plateaued for a bit. I started to lose the gained amount and a little extra by week three of May. This month has been plateau month with a stubborn refusal to go below 140lbs, but I’ve still seen a loss overall, even if  progress has been slow: I lost an underwhelming 0.9lb, taking me to 5.8 lbs gone so far.  BMI is now 22.4. Also, no further inch loss of any significance to report. Bummer.

June: 143.03lbs

Just like in May, I went up a little at the beginning of the month (pattern, anyone?) which was pretty disheartening and then I got stuck on a plateau at 143 average . I just couldn’t seem to move past that but then mid-June I started to move down again. I don’t know why I started to lose again. I didn’t do anything different. My weightloss (apart from an initial plummet) seems to be a plateau, a drop, a plateau, a drop, a plateau etc. I finished the month actually on an unusually high number because I skipped a fast day, ate three days in a row and so it caused a blip. Interestingly though,  despite all of that something has changed in me.  Suddenly I no longer feel fat anymore. I’ve never felt this happy with how my body feels, not ever in my adult life. This, despite not being at my goal weight.  I never expected to be happy and contented with my weight at 10lbs above my target weight but I can honestly say if I lose no more weight now, that’d be just fine with me. The ADF is still going to be part of my normal routine, as it’s not just about losing weight but if I stay at this 142-143 that I am, I’ll be a very happy bunny. Loving my body has always been more important than being a certain weight.