142.97 average

How very irritating! I weigh 140lbs on Friday, go away cycling for three days, eating on only one day, create several thousand calorie deficit and gain four pounds. I’ve gone from 140lbs on Friday to 144lbs today.  Does that make any sense?

I’ve been down as far as 140lbs a few times and I always twang back up again, as if on elastic. I never quite get to below 140.  My body is really stubborn about that number. I’ve been weighing myself for over two years on a daily basis and never have I been below 140lbs.  Even as a teenager I was about 140-144 or so. It looks like to me like this is the bottom end of my body’s set point.

I just don’t get why exercise (vast amounts of it) lead to weight gain (at least in the short term) when I’m definitely not eating a lot while doing it. I maintained the alternate day fasting, cycled for 7 hours over three days and gained weight. I’m actually pretty cheesed off with that.  I didn’t do the cycling for weight loss. I cycle -tour regardless of that but you’d think I’d see a bit of a drop, right? It’s meant to be about calorie deficits, right?

To be honest, I expected to step on the scales this morning and see a minimal gain (maybe 142.8 or something), not an extra 2 whole pounds on yesterday = 4 pounds since before all that cycling! In the past when I’ve gained weight after a cycle-tour I’ve assumed it was because I ate daily to keep my energy up and had accidentally eaten an excess of calories. Now I’m not so sure. I couldn’t have done that this time. What is going on?

It looks like TSC is trying out fasting today. That is very sweet of him. I’m not sure he’ll be as accustomed to it as I am by now. The first few fast days can be pretty tough when 1) you aren’t used to being without food, 2) you don’t yet have effective strategies to cope with hunger and 3) you haven’t got a history of success through perseverence behind you to remind yourself this is do-able.  We’ll see how he gets on. He’s the ‘needs to eat every few hours or he starts to chew his own arm off” kinda guy. He comes from skinny genetic stock, so he and his family have never seen the point of restricting at mealtimes.  I don’t think he’s skipped a meal in his life, whereas in my family, erratic eating patterns seem to be the norm. My father and sisters can all turn hunger on or off and go an entire day without eating, particularly during stressful life events.

At the moment, I am extremely determined to keep this fasting up. I want to get myself to below 140 just for the HECK of it, now. Grrrr. On the one hand I could stop losing weight now and I’d be pretty okay with that. If that’s what my body wants, so be it. It certainly seems to be a very definite set-point based on my experience throughout my adult life – but then again I feel like I want to break the 140 barrier just to know that I CAN. dagnammit! How DO you out-stubborn yourself, I wonder?

Eats: 3 milk tea

Exercise: commute to work in the drizzle | commute home still in drizzle | 12 push ups

weather is pretty horrid: heavy rain, windy and a bit on a the cool side.