147.44 average

Wow, that’s not a bad drop of weight. This is just the initial nosedive weight does when you first start on stuff like this. I know it’ll settle (and plateau) later on. I think partly it’s a 68kg woman metabolism on a 60kg woman calorie intake. The less you weigh, the lower your metabolism. The nearer you get to your goal weight, the lower your metabolism and therefore there is a smaller calorie deficit on the same intake. I also believe the body needs to reset itself periodically and that plateaus are the resetting it needs to do. Your weight stays stable because the body is adapting to this new set point. Once it’s ready for another drop, it’ll drop.

So, it was a very successful fast, and little or no hunger (hunger is caused by sugar: No sugar = no hunger pangs). But despite that, I think I was dreaming about eating. I was definitely looking forward to my food day when I went to bed. In fact, I woke up full of beans and actually had been dreaming about food so much I woke up thinking I had eaten already and it was a fast day again! When I woke up more fully I realised I still had a feast day to come. Whoopee!

I had a slice of toast for brekkers and a milk-tea. One thing with fast-days is they make you less hungry even on feast days. I also find that on the feast days I am picky about what I eat: I want better quality and more tasty food. I don’t want to waste my day eating stuff I only sort of like. I am sure pretty soon I’ll get my veggie cravings, too (broccoli is a common one and also beans and spinach). Again, I start to learn what I like and it’s not always chocolate chocolate chocolate, either. It’s quite amazing. Is it that my body misses these tiny nutrients more or is it that I learn to pay attention to these things now?

Cycling into work this morning wasn’t all that hard, either. I always think the morning after a down day is much harder in perceived effort (especially up the hills) but it wasn’t very noticeable this morning. Again though, that might pass. I used to be almost afraid of the cycle in after a down day for the effortfulness.

Cycling home was also easier than I had expected. I wasn’t full of beans but I wasn’t dragging my weary butt up the hill, either.

TSC cooked a generous amount of nasi goreng (fried rice) which I enjoyed very much. I rustled up a sticky toffee pudding with pecan nuts and that was after two helpings of Nasi Goreng. I’m not afraid of the fast day tomorrow, either. It’s not a work day so I might notice feeling hungry more, mind.

Eats: 3 milk-tea, 1l water | 1 toast w/butter and honey | 1 toast w/mackerel in curry sauce | 2 nasi goreng w/chicken & prawns | 2 glasses red wine | 1 sticky toffee pudding w/toffee sauce

Exercise: commute, feeling it a little bit, but not as hard as I’d expected