147.26 average

I woke up feeling not at all fearful of a day’s fasting. In the past I have felt a bit ‘boo’ about down days. That might change, of course.

I definitely prefer the all or nothing approach over the ‘keep it under 500 cals’ rule of before. ‘No food’ is easier than worrying about how much something contains and whether it’s going over a limit. I prefer to fast unlimited and feast unlimited. It takes the worry out of it. I know that I do not put food into my mouth for the duration of the day. Before, I’d be tempted to nibble a little. A little nibble can become a bigger nibble.

Also, seeing the number on the scales this morning was a pleasant surprise. Only 0.4lbs gained from yesterday’s up day! Again, I know this is the initial super-fast weight loss you always get at the beginning, but it’s still nice to see. I’m expecting to frustratingly plateau about a month from now (so we shall see whether I’m tearing my hair out then). This is wonderfully encouraging, though. I measured my thigh, waist and derriere to see whether I lose inches, too. After all, It’s inches more than lbs I’m interested in, anyway.

I spent the day doing OU, then TSC and I polished the kitchen floor before TSC went out with Snapshot for a drink. Since I’m not eating tonight, I suggested he eat out. That makes me a teeny bit envious that he gets to eat out (I wrote about my ex-husband eating out while I stayed home not feeling entitled to eat in my diary earlier, that’s probably why I’m feeling that). It’s more convenient he eat out really, since it saves cooking and washing up and filling the house with delicious smelling food that might make me hungry.

Now that it is bed time, I realise I’m really doing very well on fasting. I feel a little bit hungry but not uncontrollably so. Just a cup of tea would sort me out, actually. I still feel fabulous. And on that note. I shall make a cuppa and head to bed.


Eats: 3 milk teas | 3 green tea | 1 fruit tea

Exercise: cleaning and waxing kitchen floor