147.69 average

I weighed as much (or as little) this morning after a food day as I did after a fast day! Blimey. I must be dehydrated or something. I don’t think I drank enough through the day. I’m not sure how I feel about having to fast again. I know sometimes I can get pretty sick of the self-denial. Still, I’m reasonably motivated today. My main worry has been getting that assignment finished and sent and today is the day I do that . I woke up this morning feeling a little bit “yay!” for it being the day of the deadline and being able to send it (and get if off my back). So it cancels out the “boo!” for it being a fast day, I think.

Toasted hot cross buns and butter were available in the common room for all. Bah! I was offered one but refused. I’m not all that hungry so it wasn’t so hard to turn it down. What will I do on fast days and doughnuts appear?! I won’t always be this motivated. Reading articles on the benefits of intermittent fasting helps to remind me why this is worthwhile. I could also take a doughnut, box it up and have it tomorrow if the situation arose.

In the afternoon I noticed some euphoric effect. I also felt remarkably unfat. I didn’t feel self-loathingly plump. Instead I found myself feeling very self-accepting. I am as I am. My shape is not a flaw. Even if I don’t lose an ounce I at least know I’m healthier. When all is said and done, that’s the more important

(yeah, who am I kidding. I’m going to be pretty cheesed off if I stay this weight when I’m eating only half the time!)

Eats: 2 milk-tea, 1 milk-coffee 750ml water,

Exercise: commute