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Today’s Food Day was also quite difficult. I was surprised to note that the Food Day morning I wasn’t hungry and went through the morning without being hungry at all (compared to how I felt when I wasn’t fasting-fooding, that’s great. I used to be like the very hungry caterpillar and hence gained rather a lot of extra poundage). So not being hungry seemed like a good time not to eat – except at midday a chocolate and cherry cake appeared (a colleague’s birthday) so I had that, enjoyed it enormously, but within 20 minutes felt like a stone had been dropped on me. My stomach was cramping, I felt decidely unwell and realised that eating a slice of cake after a day of fasting was perhaps not the most sensible thing to have done.

So I went and bought a sandwich – some sensible food with protein in it and felt marginally better. I later got really hungry and had some caramel chocolate and felt wonderful again (in case you think the moral of the story was to lay off the sugar),

Next time cake is offered for me to break my fast with, I think I’d better make sure to have something ‘vernünftig ‘ (sensible) to eat first or immediately after.

We had Fish Pie for dinner (incredibly rich and creamy, definitely not a diet food) and I loved every creamy delicious mouthful. TSC is an exceedingly good cook.