I’ve been off the fasting again, as I couldn’t concentrate on my revision on my down days. Since my exam results are more important to me than feeling bloated or the circumference of my behind, I felt I’d give up fasting for now. Plus I was curious what my body would do with unlimited eating. Would it find a new set point?

Well, it turns out it does. I stayed pretty stable at 151lbs for quite a while and now, I’ve been sneaking upwards again (I’m 153lbs today). I don’t want to be that big, so now I’m going back to ADF again. Today is a down day and I started the day off absolutely famished. My stomach was rumbling before 10am even and I thought: how am I going to manage this?!

But, as the day went on, I got less hungry. Whatever hormones it is that blocks the appetite that are fasting-triggered, well I got those and thankful for ‘em, too. It’s been easy Fast day so far and tomorrow I can have a Food Day and have what I like.