I tried 24 hour fasting but decided it’s just not for me. For one thing, it’s too easy to overeat, as I can squeeze in a dinner (typically the largest meal of the day) on every single day. I also found that I still got bloated, which a typical 36 hour fast can sort out in one go. The bloating bothered me and so did the complete lack of any weightloss. That makes me think 24 hour fasting is good idea for maintaining (but not losing) weight. This is something to keep in mind for later. It might be the way to go when we’re doing our massive cycle trip next year.

So, I’m back to my old alternate day schedule, which means no food today and I’m sticking just to tea and water. I’m a little bit afraid that I’ll get those low days, where I feel unable to do anything, feel cold and just want to curl up and die. I had a few of those (which seemed to be an electrolyte imbalance) so I think having a small bite of something before bed should be ok, so long as it’s not meal-sized. That should also stop me obsessing about food at bedtime (it’s rare but has kept me awake in the past). I don’t want to do something that entails suffering because that’s what makes it unsustainable for the long term. I need to tweak this so it works for me.Otherwise, instead of my enormous thighs being the source of my dissatisfaction, it’ll be the rigid eating pattern that makes me miserable. That’s not a good deal.

Today has been the second fast day and it’s been pretty ok. I’ve had a few moments of  ‘damn, I wish I could eat something right now’ but overall it’s been pretty easy. It helps that I’m at home all day and not doing anything more strenuous than a bit of housework this morning.

Actually, the fact that I decided to wax a door, polish the dining table and chairs and sweep/mop the floor means I’m getting that energy boost that fasting gives me. It seems a little early for that to happen but maybe it’s because I was alrady 24 hour fasting previously. Euphoria should happen soon.