I’m back from France and we cycled for 7 out fo the 8 days and ate heartily. I realised once again that I simply cannot keep up with TSC in his eating. He eats so MUCH and so frequently!

anyway, I still ate heartily and getting back was surprised that I gained very little (0.4lbs in fact) despite the very frequent inout of calories (and it’s not the cycling that was burning it off. We had pretty easy days mostly).

So now I’m onto 24 hour fasting. It’s easy as long as I have something to drink when I feel hungry and review whether I’m still hungry 10 minutes after drinking something (generally not). We made a curry again last night and this morning I’ve gained weight DESPITE the fasting. I also have a bit of a tummy even after a fast day. This does not seem to be working as well as the alternate day fasting. Not even close, in fact. I lost a fraction after France and one week later I’m up a smidge again. I’d say it doesn;t work. Not in reducing bloat, not in losing weight and doesn’t produce euphoria. I’ve not got back on my bike since France so it might be the complete and total lack of exercise (I’m stuck at home working on my uni stuff until next week, after that it’s back to work and commuting by bike again).

I’m depressed about my body situation.