I’ve been doing the 24 hour fasting and it does seem to be working. I don’t have any of the bloating and I don’t fell sluggish. My weight is dropping quite drastically but I’m guessing the 153 I was at the start was going to be temporary anyway, after a hefty weekend of eating out.

One thing I’m really pleased to notice is that it’s easier than alternate day fasting. I no longer go to bed hungry. I can always have dinner if I want to, just the time of dinner varies but I still get to have prolonged periods of fasting.

Here are some of the things I prefer to ADF:

On my eating days, I stop eating at 7.30 pm and if I have a late lunch (something I always prefer) than I don’t even want dinner, mostly. If I do want to taste that dinner, I can take just a tiny amount, as I am not ravenous. I’m also not a ‘failure’ for wanting to have a taste of what TSC is having.

On my fast days I know I can eat later that evening. I know I won’t go to bed hungry and I don’t go into the foetal position for lack of electrolytes either.I also feel I can have a small or lighter dinner because I’m not preparing myself for an all day fast tomorrow. This reduces how much I eat on my eating days AND reduces the anxiety about it.

The disadvantage is that I could still potentially overeat. I could have massive dinners every day and am really only skipping breakfast and lunch every other day. So far I’ve not been doing that, if anything, my dinner’s have been lighter than usual. I don’t know whether that’s because I’m less worried about fasting the following day or whether I overate so much last week that my body has decreased my appetite to get me back to my set point (and thenshould I fall to below that set point, my appetite will increase again and I’ll be chowing down enormous dinners every night and wondering why my fasting isn’t helping me lose weight).

I’m still just testing this out. I’d like to get back to the 142 pounds I was before but I (surprisingly) still feel pretty much okay with my body. It’s not perfect, I have all the same flaws as before but I just seem to be a little bit less hard on myself. As long as I properly dress what I have, who cares. It’s not like I earn a living from thin thighs. I’d just rather be happy and feel good.