I’m trying out 24 hour fasting with 7.30pm as the switch over. That means today I’m not eating anything until 7.30 tonight.  I don’t know whether that would lead to me losing any weight but I’m hoping it’ll sort out the bloating and generally ‘ugh-ness’ I feel when I eat ‘normally’.

I don’t see how I can ever go back to eating three meals every day without feeling like crap. I don’t know whether the fasting periods do something somewhere with hormones that improves how I feel or whether it’s something in the types of food I’m eating (as in a food intolerance that is worsened by repeated exposure to the culprit) or what. I really don’t want to be intolerant to a food because I love variety and novelty in my foods. I don’t want to avoid anything unless I know for certain I don’t like it and even then I keep retrying it, just in case my palate has changed (olives worked, red wine worked, anchovies worked,  eggs are a work in progress, same with ale).

I’ve stepped on the scales and I am back to where I started both in weight and in inches and that bothers me a lot less than I expected. I’m not overweight so I’ve only gone from ‘normal weight’ to ‘normal weight’ but it’s still shocking how quickly I can gain weight compared to how slowly I can lose it. I gained in three weeks what I lost in three months. I know people who have the reverse of that (can’t gain weight no matter how hard they try).  Of course all weightlosers hate these people, but I realise trying to gain and not being rewarded for work put in there is just as frustrating (although with less social disapproval for the current body).

I’m hoping that switching to 24 hour fasting will mean I can do it while we’re cycle-touring in France. It’s hilly where we’re going and I’m not sure 36 hour fasting is that wise if we need to cover 50 miles the next day. Plus, part of  France is enjoying the food so I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out.

Yesterday I ate breakfast and lunch (actually that’s not quite true. I had two apricots, two slices of bread and a yoghurt during the day) and then had an early dinner of Gobi ka Salan (a new curry recipe made with peanuts and sesame seeds. (Pretty yummy, actually) and a rhubarb crumble (next door’s rhubarb) with custard so today I’m fasting until 7.30 tonight when I switch over to eating again.

I’m not sure how well this new system is  going to work cos I could potentially eat quite a lot. Have dinner every day, for example,  but so far I’ve lost a little weight, although I might have done anyway. My highest weight of 153lbs was almost certainly due to attending two birthday parties and spending a weekend at TSC’s family’s place (where the skinnies are always eating) and when you go above your body’s preferred set-point, it sheds pounds with apparent ease. I’m only losing pounds my body wanted rid of anyway. I reckon my set point is about 146 pounds. Anything above that I can lose easily. If I’m below that, I gain easily. 140 seems to be my absolute zero. It’d take a famine for me to fall below that.

Anyway, after France I’ll be trying out the 24 hour fasting for real, for now I’m just practising.