I’ve not been fasting at all in the last few weeks. I think I last fasted middle of last month, so about three weeks ago. I also have not weighed myself and just completely took a break from all that.

I ate according to appetite except for the last week, where I ate even when not hungry (we were away and had three course meals two days in a row – rich food at that).

The result has been considerable physical discomfort for me but I couldn’t go back to fasting as soon as I wanted to because we were going away (TSC’s parents’ 70th birthday bash). When I say physical discomfort, I mean being horrendously bloated (it felt like my stomach was stretching and going to burst. I was the human Hindenburg and deflating wasn’t that pleasant for all concerned, either). I could not relax my abdominal muscles, trying to do so made my belly hurt, like I was overstretching something. I guess that means I was holding my tummy in a lot so I’ll probably have a six pack by the end of the week (kidding – if only!)

We are back home again and although we’re off to France for some cycle touring from Friday, I’m alternate day fasting this week because frankly, I can’t stand NOT to anymore.  I’m going to try 24/24 fasting to see whether I prefer that, although alternate days worked for me, too. It’s just that with 24/24 I don’t have to go to bed hungry or be so ‘nesh’.

I don’t think I can possibly convey to you guys just how awful I felt while not fasting and yet somehow, I didn’t want to have a fast day and then, when I did want to fast, it was just inconvenient. While we were away at the 70th birthday weekend events I noticed my brown trousers (the ones I CANNOT wear without a belt) fitted perfectly. Not snug but no belt was necessary.

Crap. That means I’ve grown a bigger behind again. Three months of weightloss gone in two weeks. I must never underestimate my body’s propensity to gain weight. It does it at the drop of a hat, without me needing to stuff myself.  Thin people out there who think fat people must just stuff their faces all day to get to that size have no idea. It just has to be certain bodies prefer to store fat (or can do it better) than others. TSC eats far far more than I do and even with similar activity levels he gains weight with extraordinary difficulty (and loses it very quickly). His body does not like to store fat. His whole family is like that with the exception of his mother (who isn’t overweight just not skinny-looking like the rest). God it’s so unfair and while I am not overweight myself, I very much sympathise with people who are.

So tomorrow is a food day and I’ll weigh myself to assess the damage. I dread finding out how much I’ve gained. It took me three months to get from 150lbs to 142lbs. If I’m above my starting weight, I might just cry (not really but it’d be a kick in the teeth and going away next week is going to be ruined if all I can think about is what an enemy food is (it shouldn’t have to be like that. Why can’t I just eat when I’m hungry like TSC does and stay the same??!)