142.4 on the scales

failure once more. I had a few mouthfuls of TSC’s dinner (a kale, potato and onion type affair) last night but probably only about 100 calories’ worth, which is hardly disastrous.  I managed to stop myself raiding the chocolate while we were watching a DVD last night.  So while it doesn’t concern me that I ate some food (it was only a tiny bit) I am concerned that I seem to be gaining weight recently. My post-food day weight are going upwards and so are my post-fast day weights. I can’t understand why. I cannot be eating an excess of calories. Still, I’ll just continue as I’m doing.  It does make the fast days harder to get through though. Or at least when I get a hard day it’s difficult to keep going.

Also, I seem to have early signs of RSI (Repetitive strain injury) almost certainly casued by the excessive typing and mouse use (I use a computer all day at work and then produce a 4000 word report in the evening. I woke in the night with a burning sensation along my wrist (where I presume the tendon runs) and my pinky and ring finger felt very weak and not numb but sort of only half-there. This has me worried, as I still have four assignments and an exam to get through before my course finishes! I cannot afford to defer the exam if this gets too painful.

Eats: 2 hm sourdough rolls | tomato & cucumber w/ bit of cheese | muesli w/cinnamon | tea |

Exercise: gorgeous sunny ride in (light tailwind)

Weather: bright, mild (20C) slight SW wind