Things is not good. I seem to be gaining, despite three successful fast days this week.

Also, I woke up this morning (a fast day) absolutely famished. True that I had a light day in terms of eats yesterday but even so.  I shouldn’t be this hungry this early in the day. I’m betting this is going to be a toughie for me today. Hope I can get through it.

I didn’t manage to avoid all food. I feel extremely tired and low and so reached for sugar and coffee to perk myself up. I had some biscuits but I’m not going to give in entirely so I’ll be off food until tomorrow morning.  It’s a shame I couldn’t hold out but I’m guessing my body had its reason to send out loud “feed me” signals. I may just have eaten too lightly yesterday (back of envelope calculation of yesterday said I’d had about 1600 calories.  That’s only 800 calories averaged over two days – not really enough).

But despite that, I’m also a bit concerned that I’m gaining weight. Although I’m still within  my ‘happy zone’ on the scales I’m starting to feel less happy about the prospect of going too far above it. I’m worried this is the beginning of me gaining it all back.  I want to be secure in the 142 area.  I now feel annoyed that I’m heading above that.

Eats: tea | coffee | 3 biscuits |

Exercise: commute in (tailwind)

Weather – threatening to rain. 17C