142.4 on the scales.

yesterday was an easy day and on the ride home I was full of beans – apparently TSC struggled to keep up with me going up the hill on the way home!!

Weirdly though, when I got home I went into stasis. I had gone from full of beans to feeling empty. I didn’t want my usual cuppa when I got in, I curled up on the bed into the foetal position, buried my head undder my arm and felt incapable of doing anything. I just shut down and felt awful.

I was feeling like death warmed up for a few hours until TSC suggested I have an electrolyte drink (rehydration sachet). I had that with some lemon juice and felt perky again. That I didn’t want to drink anything when I first got in should have been a clue I had an electrolyte imbalance. The body can’t afford to dilute the little salts it does have, so won’t allow thirst.

Anyway, after the rehydration sachet I was perky again, gave TSC an impromptu back and leg massage and then needed a wee rather badly. Felt normal again after that. Anyone thinking of fasting would do well to keep a close eye on electrolyte imbalances and have some rehydration sachets to hand, just in case. It makes such a difference.

Today’s been one of them days where I’m pleased with my food choices.  I’ve not wanted the junk, I’ve had a hankering for the good stuff. Although we have waffles for pud tonight, so it’s not an entirely virtuous day.

Eats: toasted hm sourdough w/cherry jam | coffee | blueberry yoghurt | 1 pastrami bagel | 1 peach | pineapple, watermelon, grapes, orange| hm stir fried veg w/tofu | waffles w/blackberries & cream

Exercise: commute in (drizzle) | commute home bright day

weather: drizzly in the a.m. , sunny p.m. 19C