144 on the scales.

well that’s about what I expected to see, weight-wise. I think that’s not too much damage considering I haven’t fasted since 2nd July (a week ago). I should be about 142 or so tomorrow morning

I still don’t know what was up with me yesterday. And I still feel like cr*p today. Am I just dehydrated? (this does feel like what a hangover is described as). Is it that my not fasting has broken the euphoria?
If that’s the case, the sooner I get back to my old eating pattern the better. I should see the mood/energy boost by middle of next week, hopefully.

Today is a fast day and I woke feeling rather relieved it was. I’m looking forward to the refreshing effect of a fast and so far so good as I don’t feel in the slightest bit hungry or tempted by anything. That should make keeping my fast considerably easier. I still feel extremely fatigued and achey and even took the train in rather than cycle (yes, unheard of) because I’m so damned exhausted but it’s not made me want to reach for energy-rich foods. And I have some bakewell type meringue squares within arm’s reach on my desk and I don’t feel I’m battling to stop myself eating one. That’s a good sign.

I’ve found that one thing fasting does do is make you aware (on your food days particularly) what eating without hunger feels like. You start to realise the difference between ‘hungry’ and ‘feel like eating something’. It also forces you to come up with alternative strategies to boost mood without the serotonin/dopamine lift of certain foods (that magical sugar/fat combo – ever noticed that feel-good food is always simple carbohydrate with fat? it’s cos it triggers dopamine production which is the neurotransmitter that has you feeling groovy).

I’m not always successful at it. I don’t always have the opportunity to go for a little walk or lie down for 5 minutes. I do know that a cup of tea can work absolute marvels. Not immediately but within about 15 minutes. I’ve also learned that PMT week is THE hardest for keeping to a fast and I may just not fast on those days. Part of me thinks the carbo-cravings must be there for a reason and I should ‘listen to my body’ (how I hate that phrase) and just allow myself to ease off during that week.

Well I’m about to go to bed and am glad to say that today’s fast has been a doddle. I had a hungry half-hour at about 3ish and just before bed I kidna wanted one of the bananas I see everytime I leave the kitchen but I’m hanging on for eats until AFTER I’ve weighed in in the morning. I’m hoping for 142, so we’ll see.

Eats: 3 coffee | water | tea

Exercise: short walk

weather: dry, bit cloudy. 17C