142.4 on the scales

Well the fast day yesterday was pretty hard, I have to say. I seemed unable to concentrate but that may have been lack of sleep.

I cracked just before going to bed by having some cherry almond squares I had made (I KNOW! what was I doing baking goodies on a fast day?!?!?!?!?)

but I’m sure that won’t have done too much damage. I wasn’t going to fast yesterday anyway but did.

Today is a food day and something has gone very wrong. I woke up uncharacteristically ravenous. I mean honey-monster ravenous, so the first thing I did was shovel about 7 of those cherry almond things into my trap. I had no time for any proper breakfast so packed some muesli rolls (the ones I made earlier in the week) and dashed out the door.

At work I ate my muesli rolls in nothing flat and then proceeded to the raid the biscuit barrel at work. Again this is unusual. I don’t normally bother with the biscuits. I’m not a big fan.

I had the rolls, and some biscuits, then I had some more cherry things, then I started on blueberries, then at home I had leftover chicken with spaetzle (a sort of German version of pasta) and then THEN I discovered the last bit of my homemade cherry pie (so I had that) and some bananas (two of those) and then I found some chocolate in the living room and ate rather a lot of that (til I couldn’t face any more – probably about 50g)

So all in all a gluttonous day. I felt like crap and still have that brain fog, so it’s not the fasting that made me feel all vague. I’m also very down in the dumps with my job cos I can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. I can’t focus on anything and I’m clock watching.

I can’t WAIT for the start of the school summer holidays cos then I don’t have to go to work for 6 whole glorious weeks (it’s unpaid before you get TOO envious). Ugh. I feel so yuck. I’ve had too much sugar today and I feel all yucky for it. The sugar hangover has kicked in. I think I must have been eating all that sugary crap because I’m tired and when I’m tired (from lack of sleep) my body reaches for the calories to get that boost it needs.

Roll on tomorrow’s fast day. I might find tomorrow hard but I need to get into the groove before I”ll have some easy fast days. Maybe next week I’ll get that euphoric boost (I do hope so – I need something)

Eats: approx 7 cherry almond meringue squares | 2 muesli rolls | more cherry almond meringues | 1/2 punnet blueberries | cherry pie | 50g praline chocolate | bit of dark toblerone | chicken w/gravy, vegetables and spätzle|

Exercise: commute in and home. slight headwind

Weather: rain rain rain.