A fast day today and in the morning it actually felt kinda nice to be back into it again. I did find it very very hard byt he afternooon, though. I guess I’m out of practice. I was pretty damned peckish for most of the afternoon and evening but I clung on just out of bloody-mindedness.

I was pretty bad much of the day. I had a complete brainfog all day. I couldn’t do a thing. Is it the fasting or the lack of sleep (I’ve been sleeping very badly. I was hoping finishing the assignment would solve that but it hasn’t – my sweetheart being away might be part of my insomnia)

Anyway, when it was time to go home from work, there was a raging thunderstorm. An absolute monster of a storm. The wind had died down a little (it was dangerous an hour before) so I decided to brave it.

Holy crap, when I stepped out of the door, I had rain pouring down the backof my neck (I never wear the hood up on my raincoat as it makes checking over my shoulder so difficult. I usually just let my baseball cap keep the rain off my head and face) so had to dash back inside to batten down the hatches. I’ve never cycled in rain like this but heck. it’ll be ok.

Except the roads were so badly flooded it was like cycling through a river. It was hard work and every car overtaking me sent a tidal wave of rainwater all over me. Again and again and again. It was just crazy.

The water was so opaque you couldn’t see any road markings or drain covers (and there are a LOT on this particular cycle lane, some on the left, some on the right, some very deep set – a real hazard) but I know the stretch extremely well so could guess how to avoid them.

I was, of course, drenched through but actually, once past the worst, I was having a lot of fun. I certainly didn’t mind getting rained on. My feet were a different matter.

The cold has set the Raynaud’s off so my toes turned white and went numb. Once I got home and walked about barefoot it was a strange sensation. The floorboards were felt under my feet but not from the ball of the foot to the toes. So wherever I walked it felt like I was standing on a ledge. Most peculiar. I ran a hot bath and dunking my numb feet in, I couldn’t tell it was too hot. My heels had to relay that information. Most strange.

Funny, my feet get the Raynaud’s attacks to a much worse degree but it’s my hands I always worry about.

Eats: tea tea tea and more tea

Exercise: commute home in a heckuva thunderstom