142.6 on the scales.

I cheated a little last night. I had some of TSC’s tagliatelli. Mostly because I wanted to try it, as it was a throw together sauce that looked pretty interesting. I only wanted a small taste but he gave me a plate and put a few tablespoons of pasta and sauce on it. I ate all of it and then felt very hungry.

TSc has left for the weekend to go cycling with his buddies while I try to finish this assignment. I saw him off at the door (it was an early start) and then went back to bed, slept too long, got dehydrated and although I haven;t had any alcohol I feel as though I have a mild hangover. I guess I need to get some fluids inside me. Yesterday was a hot day and I’m notoriously bad at drinking enough.

Eats: half bowl of muesli | 2 bread w/honey | chewy sweets |

Exercise: walk into town (40 minutes)

weather: overcast, cooler at 22C