143.6 on the scales.

That’s about as I expected. I’m swinging between 141 and 143 point something. 2lbs is about a typical fluctuation from a fast day to a food day. I guess that means I use up 2lbs worth of glycogen and water each fast day.

It’s been really sunny this week. A heatwave, really. Mind you, I don’t consider a day to be hot until it actually gets past 30C – my fellow Brits appear to disagree – Why do I have the temperature preference of a lizard??! I’m not able to stay out of cardigans/sweaters until it’s about 23C and when all around me are wiping sweat from their brows and complaining of the heat, that’s when I’m feeling most comfortable!

I’ve got to knuckle down further into my assignment. It’s my biggest assignment yet but it’s gotta be done.

Eats: milk tea | rosehip tea | water

Exercise: none

Weather – sun sun sunshine. 27C