141.6 on the scales.

Looks like I’m back to the old numbers, the ones I was seeing before I skipped that fast day. It’s going to take a while to get my average back down to 142.26 again and start breaking into new numbers territory but heck, either it will or it won’t. I’ll not be any happier at 142.26 than I am at 142.89.

I’m considering just not weighing myself for a while. Part of me loves the continuity of knowing my weights every day. I have a record of it going back to April 2007 and I like that. I can see that I was 144.8 then. I can also see that since then I had been gaining weight.  Bumpily, but gaining nonetheless until I got to about 154lbs. I then lost a little, gained it back and then did this alternate day fasting and have gone back to what I was and then a bit lower. I like that I can see that. I like that I can see how my weight was going up and up and then plummets with ADF (that big dip in Jan 09 was before I started ADF. I was cycle touring in India)

Fasterlys daily weights since April 2007

Fasterly's daily weights since April 2007

But then again, I also want to just let go of the numbers and just do this for the sake of doing it without getting the feedback through the scales. It is true that even now, me being happy with my weight, I feel grumpy if my weight is higher than I think it should be. It shouldn’t make me feel grumpy. I should feel great no matter what the scales says.

So I don’t know. I wish I could have someone ELSE weigh me every day and I not know but that it’s plotted down anyway, so I can look back and see in a bout three month’s time.

I don’t weigh myself out of some control freakery, I’m just curious. I like to have my little graph of weights. (I am such a numbers dork – whenever we go off on our cycle tours I like to keep a log of our days’ mileage and average speed and all that stuff. Not for any reason, just to be able to compare and look back on. Dorky, see).

Maybe I’ll take a week off weighing and see how that goes. I don’t weigh when we go on holiday, after all.

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Exercise: none really. some baking.

Weather: summer summer summer. 26C sunshine