145.6 on the scales.

Well, I’m still not really freaking out about the retrograde step in my weightloss efforts. Although my average has gone over 143 and I’m at my highest weight this month (last time I was this heavy was almost a month ago and the last time I was at this average was three weeks ago ) I remain pretty sure that’s temporary. Once I go back to eating how I used to, I’ll go back to weighing what I used to. That truth sucks if you’re on a fad diet but is great news for me.

I am so so glad that I can fast today. Not because of wanting to lose the weight I’ve gained this week but because I feel absolutely AWFUL. I’m all bloated and feel puffy. I don’t have that lightness anymore. I feel so bad, so bloaty and blegh that I’m wondering whether just one day of fasting will be able to sort me out. We’ll see by tomorrow whether this bloatiness is indeed reversible in 24 hours.

I just can’t believe I used to eat every day! That that (this) was normal. It so obviously does not agree with me. It’s no good for me. It’s midmorning now and I do feel a bit hungry but there is no way I’m going to eat anything today. My system needs a day to get back to normal again. How did I stand it before? I had forgotten how yucky I feel physically when I’ve eaten every day.

By late afternoon I felt a whole lot better already. Still a little bloated but I don’t feel so yucky or so pudgey. That lightness is starting to return.

Fasting aside, I’ve just done a count of the number of days left to finish my assignment. Just over a week. That is actually not enough time to do all I need to do. I’m going to have to take some days off work if I’m to stand a chance of finishing it. I’ve not written one word of the final report. I’m supposed to have finished analysis by now but haven’t and I have only a vague idea of how I’m going to link my findings (which are still incomplete) to the chapter on Self. Is finishing this on time even possible? well not without some serious cutting of corners.

Eats: tea, tea, tea

Exercise: typing and worrying

Weather: sunny and warm 23 C