145.6lbs on the scales.

I’m going up because I’ve not been fasting and I won’t be fasting today, either. Yesterday I just really didn’t feel like it.

Today though, I notice I’m a bit bloated and feel puffier so not fasting is definitely not good for me. I’ll be glad to fast again tomorrow and be back to normal again. Good job that fasting works so quickly to restore the bloat-free-ness.

As to the rising numbers on the scale, I’m really ok with that. I feel good, after all. I’ll drop the pounds when I go back to my usual routine again, so no biggie. This is no different than when TSC and I used to go off cycling, eating every day, I’d come back a little heavier and then lose it again over the course of the week.

I’m not liking the bloat of course, but it’s easier while we have company staying over to share in the mealtimes with everyone and I’ll tackle the bloat on my next fast day.

Eats: full English breakfast | milk tea | onion bread| salmon fish cakes w/new potatoes, veg | 1 pint cider | half pint beer | anzac biscuits | toad in the hole w/kale, carrots and broccoli | strawberries, pineapple and blueberries w/yoghurt and cream

Exercise: walk to Tr. Arms pub (6 mile round trip approximately)