141.8 on the scales this morning.

I now have a Desmon Dekker song in my head: the tune is of Poor Me, Israelite, but instead I’m singing: “Poor Me,  Electrolytes”

You see, I learned something very interesting yesterday. For much of the day I felt absolutely terrible. I was wiped out, tired, queasy, had a mild headache. I was feeling weak and extremely listless. I hung onto maintaining my fast and remembered reading somewhere about my symptoms potentially being nothing more than an imbalance of electrolytes. To test this, I had a rehydration sachet which contains salts and some glucose. It tastes foul: salty but blackcurranty, but I added lemon juice which made it palatable and followed it up with a rosehip tea.

Within about 10 minutes I felt back to normal again. Turns out I was suffering because my electrolytes were out of whack. This is definitely worth remembering the next time I feel so bad on a fast day.

A homemade remedy  would be 1 tsp of salt, 8 tsp sugar and a litre of water. Adding a mashed banana for the potassium (also, brown sugar contains more potassium than white) should help, too. Lemon juice makes it bearable to drink. A multivitamin every fast day might help with the potassium since I might not want to eat or even have a banana. It’s worth knowing for when we do our long cycle trips.

Another bonus with this fasting thing is the money I save on food. Only eating every other day has saved me about £100 so far in lunches alone! That’s not even counting the dinners I don’t eat.

Eats: 1 large muesli | 3 milk tea | 1 choc digestive | 1 roast vegetable bagel | 1 banana | 1 chicken pie | 1 slice blackforest gateau | 1 asparagus tart | 1 peach

Exercise: commute in | commute home via supermarket | 14 push ups

Weather: bright day turned sunny  20C.  Gorgeous