143.8 on the scales.

woah, what a leap upwards. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I ate a LOT yesterday. I definitely ate more than usual, more than I wanted and more than I needed but that’s ok, really. I’m not so desperate to lose weight as I was and what life is it if I can’t have the black forest gateau I made (although two helpings was a bit excessive. TSC talked me into it. It was his idea. He pressured me. I’m completely innocent!)

Today is a fast day and I’m sort of glad and sort of not.  I’m glad because it means restoring my body again. Fasting is hitting the reset button on my insides after all that rich food yesterday but I wish I weren’t fasting, because I feel dog-tired and somewhat under par. That means I’m looking to food as a pick-me-up. I don’t know whether it’s because I slept so badly last night or what, but I feel very low, very tired and a biscuit seems to be just what I need (even though it probably isn’t).

I don’t know what TSC is planning to cook himself for dinner tonight but I really hope it’s something unappealing or I might just crack. Why do I feel so drained?

Oh well, more tea, then.

uh oh, a colleague who was off due to an operation has made some apple flapjacks. I had one to try (she was handing them around. I didn’t want to refuse something she had made). Sugar again on a Fast Day. I am so going to pay for this in an hour’s time when I hit a slump.

Still, the flapjacks were very very good. I don’t regret having it, and I’ll just have to take the sugar-low when it comes. I’ve managed difficult fast days in the past so I’m sure I can manage this one. If only I didn’t feel so tired.

had a second coffee after falling asleep during my lunch hour. I suddenly feel VERY perky. And flushed. I’ll probably regret all this caffeine later. For now, it’s the only thing keeping me from slipping into a coma – or reaching for the biscuit barrel.

I cycled home ok but was still feeling wiped out. TSC cooked himself pasta for dinner and I seemed capable of moving only at quarter speed. I was feeling pretty awful. I remembered that some fasters take salt as sometimes that low feeling is caused by electrolyte imbalance. In our medicine cabinet we have some oral rehydration sachets we took to India (in case of diarrhoea – which we didn’t get, thank God). It basically sodium chloride, potassium, sugar and blackcurrant flavouring (blackcurrant is such a typical English flavouring) so I had that with a dash of lemonjuice to make it more palatable.

It totally worked! I was once again capable of having a conversation. I felt like I was back in the land of the living. Amazing. That feeling floored was just dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance. This is worth remembering!

Eats: 1 milk tea | 2 coffee | 1 apple flapjack

Exercise: commute in (easy) | commute home

Weather: cloudy but mild at 17C.