141.6 on the scales.

I made a black forest gateau yesterday. It’s sat in the fridge for later. I had some cherries to use up and I guess I must have been craving sweet foods for me to start baking a gateau of all things on a fast day. I managed not to eat any of the delicious cherries as I was taking the stones out and also managed not to jump head first into the whipped cream. I just kept thinking: tomorrow. It’ll be better tomorrow”.

Today we are off to the beach. It’s a bit cool for the beach (it is only 20 degrees C here) but TSC wants to go swimming in the sea and have me cavort about in my new swim wear. He’s very vocal of late about how I look, scantily clad. Does he think I need the encouragement or does he now more like what he sees? I know I more like what I see. Maybe it’s because I’m not so hung up any more and am behaving more outgoing and comfortable in my skin.

It was lovely at the beach when the sun was out but whenever it went in, I froze and huddled into my fleece. By the afternoon, the cloudover was about 90% so I was getting more and more miserable. I hate being cold. I feel cold about 75% of my waking hours.

So we had some cake from the cake shop, had our sandwiches and some strawberries and decided to head home.

Eats: English breakfast | 2 milk tea | 1 toast | 1 cheese sandwich | 1 piece cake | strawberries | 1 rosehip jelly | thai extravaganza (new recipes: thai fragrant rice, chilli garlic prawns, thai grilled chicken) | 2 slices black forest gateau| chocolateĀ  coffee beans |

Exercise: Ride to beach and back (40 mins each way)