143.6 on the scales. Ain’t that just typical? I get so near that magical 139 on Wednesday and then ‘twaaannggg!’ up I go again, out of reach.  I’d better start breaking into the 130s soon, as the number 4 is sticking on my keyboard (I blame overuse).

It’s a fast day today and I feel pretty good today. It’s a lovely summery day (albeit bit cool for my liking) and I can get on with my studies (I’ve just finished transcribing the interviews and now I need to start analysis of what was said for my write up). I had a very enjoyable Food Day yesterday. Once I’d had the chowder, the sugar cravings ceased.

TSC and I are both pretty accomplished cooks. Most of the foods we eat are homemade and our freezer is stocked with leftovers rather than pre-made foods. We’re just not in the habit of buying sauces in jars, ready made meals or things from a packet. I think the main reason for this is that the kitchen is the main room of the house so spending time cooking is always a sociable thing (plus we have no TV so it’s the primary evening activity after work where we catch up with one another, flirt with one another and discuss the latest ideas/plans/concerns/excitement about our upcoming RTW trip).

Unfortunately though, I think we’re getting into a rut and eating the same sorts of foods too much. I like to try new things.I’m very much a have-a-go cook and want to try my hand at new techniques or try new recipes. I’m thinking of setting a challenge: no cooking the same food twice, to expand our repertoire of dishes. We’ve already built a good set. Recent additions to our repertoire include fish pie, pad thai, naan bread, red thai curry, sag aloo, pilau rice, fish with beurre noisette but it’s getting boring when we buy a fish and always do the same thing with it. I want to make new stuff. Because Food Days are unbounded by calorie concerns, I can be sure I can have anything I want, so I really should make full use of that opportunity.

I don’t know. This might take some planning. We have a store cupboard of foods that need eating up too, before we go on our year-long trip. Maybe I should concentrate more on finding ways to eat the quinoa we’ve got knocking about in the cupboard.

Anyway, I’m pretty chipper today and feel this fast day will be an easy one. We’re off to the beach tomorrow so I’m already looking forward to some fresh strawberries in our picnic for then but other than that I think today will be a cinch. Sometimes I think it’d be nice not to have to fast every other day but then again I suffer the consequences of bloat and sluggishness if I don’t, so it’s just not worth it.  This is definitely the way to go for me. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, the weightloss isn’t the main motivator anymore. I’m happy with where I’m at already. I looked pretty smokin’ in my undies this morning. For the first time in a long, long time I liked what I saw. I think my goal weight of 132 (an arbitrary number, based on nothing more than the roundness of the number 60, as in kilograms) was not a bad one, by any means. It’s still within healthy and it’d be a nice slim me but I didn’t realise I could be pretty satisfied at 10lbs above that. I think the personal happiness and satisfaction is better than the number. I’m also pretty relieved it’s not been a route into anorexia, where thin is never thin enough. It seems I DO know when to stop and it IS possible to love an imperfect body.

anyway, must get back to my assignment. I’ve got an A grade to maintain.

I noticed I the afternoon that I started to wane a little. I slowed right down, felt very cold and then got very sleepy, had a nap on the sofa in the kitchen and completely slept through TSC cooking himself lunch and eating it.  Because I was fasting he kept expecting the food smells to wake me, but obviously I needed sleep more than omelette.

Eats: 2 milk tea | 1 early grey tea | water

Exercise: 14 push ups