141.2 on the scales.

woke up absolutely famished. I had a double breakfast: 2 slices of toast, a croissant AND a bowl of muesli. Mid-morning I had a custard tart and from thence my food choices began to go very much downhill.

If I have one sweet food, it sets off a chain of sweet food cravings. Indulging just sets me up for the next one in about an hour’s time. I had the custard tart (TSC left it for me. It was a freebie from work) which led to a cupcake type thing I’d made, which led to a second, which led to some liquorice which led to thoughts of breaking into my chocolate stash (a tupperware container of various types of good quality chocolate  used for baking and/or chocolate emergencies) but I thought: Hell no! that’s my baking chocolate. That’d be like drinking the cooking sherry: it smacks too much of desperation.

Now, in my experience, the only way to break the cycle of sugar to sugar to sguar is to have some protein. So, after some chopping, peeling, cutting, measuring, pouring, stirring, and seasoning  I had ‘voila!’ produced a delicious smoked cod chowder that made my taste buds sing and put a lid on the junky cravings.  Phew! So healthy, so tasty and put a stop to the stupid eating.

I suspect I’ve been so ravenous this morning because I didn’t have a perfect faster yesterday. I ate some bread to be sociable and then, while I was cooking up a bolognaise sauce for TSC (who was carbo-loading for a monster cycle ride today) I was tasting, retasting and tasting again as I was cooking. I ate a fair amount of bolognaise sauce, and I had a bit of his garlic bread just to taste.   It didn’t make me bloaty but it did make me hungry by morning. I’m not usually tearing the cupboard doors off their hinges on the morning of a Food Day but I could have happily eaten the choppingboard this morning, I was so hungry.

Eats: 2 rye toast w/jam | 1 bowl muesli | 3 milk tea | 1 custard tart | 2 cupcakes | liquorice | cod chowder |