142.0lbs on the scales this morning. I’ve never been that low after a Food Day. I don’t know why weightloss has kicked back into gear, but it has.

Today, a colleague cycled into work for the first time so we laid on breakfast for her and other cyclists: bread, croissants, marmalade, honey. I made some cakes too and all of these delicious things are sat on the edge of my desk for me to smell on a day that I am fasting. Gah!

My co-workers do not know that I fast alternate days. I don’t really want the fuss. Unfortunately for me though, my desk is the most centrally located and the smell of the cakes is driving me mad. I’m sure I can resist though. I can have some tomorrow (I’ll be putting aside a cake for me for tomorrow – although it’s the croissants that have really caught my attention).

I just had a tiny taste of the bread out of politeness (it’s homemade). I’ll probably suffer for it later when the sugars make me hungry, though.  Still, I don’t feel like I want to have more so it’s not awakened the tastebuds (yet). I’ve not had enough to make be bloaty and I don’t think a corner of bread is going to negate the health benefits of fasting so I reckon no harm done.

I feel lovely and slim today. I’m wearing a top that shows how tiny my waist is and a skirt that tells blatant lies about the width of my hips (saddlebags? what saddlebags?). Nice lies.

When I got home, I cracked and had some bolognese. Not much but some.

Eats: tiny bit of bread | 3 milk tea | 1 black tea | Bolognese sauce| 1 edge of garlic bread

Exercise: commute in (sunny) | commute home | 14 push ups

weather: sunny with a few dotted clouds.  pleasantish at 18C