140.4 on the scales this morning.

Definitely losing again, suddenly. No more plateau. Just goes to show that when you hit a plateau it’s not a sign that you need to change anything, you just wait it out. Today I am 10lbs lighter than when I started this. For someone who was not overweight to begin with, that’s pretty amazing.

I still feel funny to be tracking my weight when I’m happy where I’m at. I guess I’m just gonna see where this takes me, where my weight will settle at. I won’t start worrying unless I get too low. I might find my weight just stops at about here, which would be pretty cool with me.

I didn;t eat very sensibly today. My boss  brought in cakes and I ate some of those and some liquorice sweets. I feel quite yucky after all that sugar. If I only I remembered how yucky I feel BEFORE I put that sweet into my mouth.


Eats: 2 toast | 1 milk tea | liquorice | 2 apple & balckcurrant pies | 1 chicken tortilla | 1 apple | a toad in the hole w/kale and carrots |

Exercise: commute in, clear day.

Weather some cloud. 19C