142.6lbs on the scales this morning.

That means I’ve stayed below the physicsdiet average even after a Food Day and that this plateau is officially history. I’m back to losing weight again. Funny that I’m not so hot on losing weight anymore,  just as I start dropping more pounds, haha. But still. I’ll see where this takes me. I’m going to carry on as I’ve been doing and either I’ll eventually stop losing weight or if I get to skinny I can just tweak this a little – maybe have dinner on a Fast Day or something. I’m loathe to reduce the number of fast days per week, as I don’t want to get bloaty again, plus alternating days gets a good, easy rhythm going. I’m really enjoying it this way. This is definitely something I can do for life.

The city where I live is hosting a week of bike events. This morning was a free breakfast at a park I almost cycle past every morning, so TSC and I stopped by for a free breakfast. I had an orange juice but handed my bacon buttie to him to have. It’s pretty cool to have these events. There was a live band and a great atmosphere. I just wish they’d publicised it a bit more. You kinda have to have had your ear to the ground for cycling events to have heard about it. A big banner proclaiming free breakfasts to cyclists would have been nice, reminding the motorists that they’re missing out, teehee.

There is another one laid on for tomorrow, so I can have the breakfast that time. I didn’t mind at all though. I’m rarely hungry first thing and I like my fast days now. It’s summery and that makes not eating much easier than in the winter when you want warm, comfort foods and you’re feeling cold all day. I don’t know whether this is the usual euphoria but I feel top of the world at the moment. Another reason to keep the fasting going. Mind you, I felt rather queasy at about 1.30pm. That might have been because of the orange juice I had this morning.

During my lunch hour I was feeling a bit queasy. Caffeine has helped in the past and so I bought a diet coke (I just about never drink fizzy drinks but today I made an exception) and it perked me up quite nicely. I’m not likely to be making a habit of fizzy drinks (sugar free or not).  I don’t normally like them enough to get over their general unhealthiness but this one hit the spot quite nicely.

Eats: 1 orange juice | 3 mik tea | 1 diet coke

Exercise: slightly longer commute |

Weather: bright day. 20C