141.2 on the scales again. A familiar number but my average is at a new lowest weight. Hurrah! no more plateau!

Typical, isn’t it? Just when I stop worrying about whether I’m losing weight or not I start to lose again! My average is at a new low since starting this and I’m 10lbs away from that goal weight I set back in April. I’m abandoning that goal weight now, though. I don’t care about losing the weight so much. I’m actually pretty ok with my body and the learning to love it efforts have paid off and improved how I feel about it. TSC has also been amazing. He makes such appreciative noises whenever I remove clothing that I can’t help but feel gorgeous and he’s never put pressure on me to lose weight. In fact, sometimes I wanted him to notice that I’d lost weight but he never said anything. “He’s not noticed” I thought. Until yesterday, when we were talking about my fasting and how it was going. He commented that I ‘looked better for it’ which I assume means I look better with a little less pudge. That’s the only clue I have that he’s noticed. Really, that’s kinda nice (that he hasn’t made a big fuss, I mean) . It shows he’s not considering what I weigh to be a priority. He loves me as I am. The body issues are mine (and they are much improved).

It’s weird now. I don’t care so much about the losing weight so this blog now has nothing to track. I set it up to keep a log of the weight changes and any experiences along the way. Now, I feel very much in the swing of it and don’t have any unusual things to report. I know I don’t get headaches, I know I can fast without feeling weak or overly hungry. I don’t have any tips on mind games for getting through the fast. I just get on with it and if it seems hard I think of tomorrow.

So, I don’t really need to update this every day.  My weight isn’t changing all that much and I’m not so obsessed with it going down all the time.  Maybe I should just do a weekly update. If you have an opinion, leave it in the comments section. Part of me likes doing the daily updates but part of me wonders whether it’s worth it if I’m not trying to lose weight so badly.

Eats: 1.5 toast w/jam | 1 rude health muesli | peanuts | 1 prawn sandwich | 1 pint cider | 1 pad thai w/tempeh (recipe was a little bit made up) | 1 lemon meringue pie |

Exercise: commute in | commute home via eNORmously monstrous hill (D-Beacon)

Weather: cloudy but mild (19C)