141.6 on the scales  – uh-GENN. This is getting boring!

Yes folks, the plateau continues and is even flatter than before. I am stuck on 143. No doubt tomorrow morning I shall be 144 something again and then 141 the morning after that.  Strange that it’s a greater swing of the pendulum than last time, when I was swinging between 142.2 and 143.8.

I don’t really mind all that much, though. This is a pretty good weight to be stuck on, considering I used to be happy at 147 or so and that my weight had been going up, up and up before this

The big dip on the right was my cycling trip in India and my weight very quickly goes back up again once I’m home. You can see when I started ADF, as that is the next big drop on the graph.

The other day, I was getting changed out of my cycling gear and as I took my baggy shorts off (revealing my undershorts) TSC asked me turn around again (to get a look at my rear). I hesitatingly (and cringeingly) obliged and he remarked that actually, my bottom did not look all that awful in the tight shorts.  There’s a chance he’s either become desensitised to the hugeness of my arse or that he’s been overly nice. Or he might need eye corrective surgery, like Marohi.

or it could mean my bee-hind is shrinking a little to within more normal proportions (still have a waist/hip ratio of 0.6 though, so not that normal).

I don’t know what’s the matter with me but I can not stop feeling hungry today. Eat eat eat is all I want to do.  Nothing is filling me up.

Eats: 2 toast | 1 muesli | 1 apple | 1 hula hoops | 1 timeout | 1 chicken wrap | 3 biscuits | lentil soup | salmon w/veg and potatoes | spice cake

Exercise: commute in | 24 push ups | 12 tricep dips | commute home

weather: dry but windy. A bit cool for June at 15.5C