144.2lbs on the scales this morning.

This plateau is getting boring. Same numbers over and over. Never moving muhc past 143. I’ll be under 143 tomorrow and then over it the day after. On and on it goes.

Cycling in this morning was terrific. Windstill, slight drizzle (refreshing, though) and the traffic was behaving itself (no bullying). It was wonderful. I’m so lucky to be able to cycle into work every day.

Speaking of which, TSC and I were talking more about his redundancy. The more I think about it, the better this all looks. We’ll probably never have this opportunity again and with the redundancy, we get a financial boost (he was going to quit in a year’s time anyway. This just makes it sooner but more viable). The more I think about this, the more exciting it looks. Our relationship is extremely strong so although it might test us as a couple, I’m sure we can weather that.  Our relationship started off shaky for the first 6 months (I was insecure. I loved him to pieces but wasn’t sure he loved me back). Then I learned to trust him and we’ve been solid ever since. We’ve not been together that long (we’ve known each other four and a half years and have been a couple for three and a half. We’ve been lovebirds all through that and have enormous respect for each other. I often feel this is the best relationship anyone could ever possibly hope to have. How we managed to make it this good is beyond me. Loving each other helps but it has to be more than that.  There is something we do, some way we interact that works well for the other person, who then reciprocates.  I know I can always rely on him being fair, being reasonable. I am often amazed at how fair and reasonable we can be even on issues we disagree on.

I have learned a lot from him. I’ve learned that it’s ok to have feelings, and that my opinions are worth something (I always used to keep both under wraps). I’ve learned that talking about something bothering you early is better than letting it go round and round your mind. You can build up some pretty hefty misconceptions and false logic given enough time to run in circles.  I’ve found myself to have got the wrong end of the stick a few times.  Most importantly, I have learned to trust him. My trust had been broken by a previous man and it took a while for me to be sure he really is a totally different animal to him.  He has never done anything to hurt me nor given me reason to think he would. That trust I have in him  (I don’t just mean in fidelity. I trust him to be to kind, to be fair, to be honest) is probably the glue that holds us together. My heart could not have chosen better.

Eats: 2 milk tea

Exercise: commute in with drizzle |