141.2 on the scales this morning.

That’s a big drop I wasn’t expecting. It’s still significantly above that magical 139 I seemed to yearn for last week but hey *shrugs* I’m pretty happy at my current 143 average nonetheless. I’ve managed to maintain that weight without going back up to 150 again and it’s not been deprivation – heck that maintenance of weight has involved cake. How many diets can say that? Plus,  I feel great for it. When I see 144 or something on the scales, the panic isn’t that I’ve not lost weight but that this is the start of gaining it all back, which (touch wood), I don’t seem to be doing (at least not yet).  I still want to continue the fasting, even if I don’t get any lower. For one thing, the fasting has sorted out the bloatiness I was so suffering with yesterday. I felt quite unwell in fact but that’s gone and I feel lovely again. It’s amazing what even one fast day can do. I admit it was a little bit more difficult than usual yesterday afternoon as I felt queasy and bubbly and went to bed feeling quite hungry,  but by morning that had all gone, even before I’d had breakfast.

Unrelated to fasting, we found out that TSC is going to be made redundant in a few months’ time. By August he’ll probably not have an office to go to. By November he should have received his redundancy pay. I guess that means we’ll be doing our Round The World trip on bicycles a little sooner than expected (February to February  rather than July to July). That means me quitting my job, us putting the house up for sale or rent and going away with bikes and panniers and cycling for a whole year around the world with no support team transporting our luggage or making sure there’s accommodation where we’re heading (that’s a pretty pants way of cycle-touring, if you ask me. Where is the adventure in  being booked ahead? – We cycle and make an educated guess there’ll be somewhere to stay in that town. It’s more real that way).  I very much doubt I’d be fasting on that cycle trip. I know I can do a weekend by bike and still fast but I don’t think it’d be feasible on a longer-lasting, long distance trip, especially in countries where precious calories are scarce. I’m looking forward to the adventure, but it’s scary as to what we’ll do when we get back and have nothing to return to. I don’t think we’d even be entitled to any state financial help for being unemployed due to us having been abroad for a year. That’s even worse than turning up in a town it’s taken you 6 hours to cycle to and discover there is no guesthouse.  But then, how many people get the chance to do something like this? Isn’t being made redundant the perfect opportunity to do this sort of crazy stuff? Isn’t this one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that’ll make old age worthwhile – having this sort of thing to remember, to look back on and think: “Yeah! I did that!”

Eats: 4 milk tea | 2 toast w/cherry jam | chicken sandwich| 1 apple | snickers | homemade pizza w/salad |strawberries |

Exercise: commute in (headwind) | 14 push ups | commute home

weather: bit windy, bit cool, threatening to rain