144.8lbs on the scales this morning (cripes!)

holy moly that’s high. I’m also horrendously bloated and gassy. I’m partly to blame: I had food two days in a row (I had a little bit to eat on Saturday followed by a regular Food Day on Sunday).  I hate the bloatiness.  I just can’t eat every day like other people, it seems.  I’m so glad it’s a fast day today so I can get back to normal again. Although I have to admit it’s not been made easy  by a very fragrant spice cake (mmmh, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) on the edge of my desk. It smells wonderful but I’d better not have any. I can have some tomorrow.

I can’t believe I weighed 144.8 this morning. The weight gain is horrible and also weird after such a low yesterday (I’m up over 3lbs) . The plateau elastic that I’m twanging on is a very stretchy piece of elastic with some big fluctuations. I’m stuck on 143lbs for some reason and can be as much as 3lbs either side of that on any given day. I could be 140 tomorrow and then 145 the day after.

Mind you, the 144.8lbs might be the sharp rise that exercise (like cycling) seems to trigger, but it takes a day to get there. What I mean is, when I go cycling for a weekend, I get home Sunday afternoon sometime, and weigh myself the next morning (about 16 hours later) and my weight will have shot up. I’ll be about 2lbs heavier than I expect. I still don’t know why that is.

When I go dancing, I get home late Sunday night and weigh myself Monday morning (only 7 hours later) and my weight will have dropped. I’m about a pound lighter than I expect.  The morning after that though, I shoot up like I do when I’ve been cycling.

It seems as though heavy exercise causes me to lose weight initally and then, given enough hours, it goes up quite strongly. What is the body doing that makes it gain weight after exercise? It’s so frustrating. It goes against the ole calorie bank account model (which is oversimplified bunkum if you ask me).

I presume that exercise promotes weightloss only over the longer term (it certainly does the opposite in the short term in my experience!) but personal experience gives mixed evidence:

I used to catch the bus to work.  Then, I changed office location and began cycling the 1.2 miles to work each day instead. During that time I weighed about 66kg. Then I changed jobs and cycled five times as far (6miles) each way. All that extra exercise led to…. a weight gain of as much as 4kg.  Now, I wasn’t very closely monitoring what I ate so it’s quite possible that I was eating more than when I was cycling only 1.2 miles, but I really don’t think so. It also means just upping your exercise is not enough.  I’e got all the other benefits of course: I’m much fitter and have noticeable muscles in my legs (well, noticeable in the less wobbly areas – I’m sure it’s there too, just a bit more concealed) and I enjoy the cycle ride far more than any other way of getting to work (except maybe flying, if I could) so I’m not going to stop cycling but it does make me question the usefulness of telling people to go out and exercise if they want to lose weight.

BUT: last witner, I did a big cycling trip of three and a half weeks, 1000 miles cycling Southern India. I ate every day according to appetite. I worried only about getting the calories in, rather than cutting any out. I came back three weeks later 8lbs lighter than when I left. I gained it back very quickly in the month afterwards, since I was no longer cycling 50 miles a day, but it goes to show that sometimes, exercise (for me, an unsustainable amount if I’m also to hold down a job) does lead to weightloss. I still don’t know why it makes it go up in the short term, though.  It’s counter-intuitive.

Anyway, today I focus on my Fast Day. I’m not feeling too well.  Apart from feeling bloaty I’m also rather queasy and unwell feel rather hungry. On the one hand I know some food would make my queasiness disappear, but on the other hand, I can’t stand the bloatiness and I know a day’s fast will remedy that quite nicely. I also don’t want to go any higher then 144.8 if I can help it. I hope I can get back to below my average tomorrow. This plateau is getting boring. I want to see some NEW numbers (lower ones).

Eats: 4 milk tea | water

Exercise: commute in sunshine (semi-difficult) | 12 push ups | commute home

Weather  – sunny start. cooler at 15C.