141.6 on the scales.

Is that the long-awaited remobilising of fat deposits or is it just all the dancing I did last night that dehydrated me?

TSC and I went to a salsa party last night. He doesn’t dance so just watched and I danced whenever I could. That was a little less than usual as people are less likely to ask me when I’m standing next to someone who is obviously my fella. I didn’t mind though. If I’d been alone I would have mingled more and sought more dances and been miffed at missing good songs but with TSC there I was happy to watch with him and dance occasionally. Two guys complimented me on my dancing, which is always nice. They were good leads and I told em “I’m only as good as my lead”. It’s nice to get compliments as sometimes I wonder whether I’m comfortable/easy to dance with or hard work to manoeuvre.

Even with only occasional dances, I still got pretty sweaty. I always do. I don’t dance half-heartedly and just love it when I get a good lead for a good song. On a good night I can twirl and twirl and twirl.

Funny how a weekend of cycling makes me gain weight the next morning and a night of salsa always makes me lose weight the next morning. (One time, I did an all-nighter: 10pm  – 6am and danced just about every song. I took an hour’s break at about 4am and then got back to dancing, until the last song. I was dancing even when the lights went up again. I weighed myself before and again after and was staggered at how much weight disappeared (sweated out, mostly). I can’t remember how much it was but it was something ridiculous like 5kg. That’s the weight of 5litres of water. That’s a lot of sweating!  But then, how many people have ever done 7 hours of aerobics? Running a marathon, perhaps. God I must have been fit then! Cripes! And I didn’t eat during the all-nighter, drank only water or the occasional orange juice. Amazing what the body is capable of. Of course, I was totally addicted to salsa then.

It’s not comparable though. Really I should test out whether a salsa weekender makes me gain weight like a cycling weekend, rather than comparing a weekend of one activity with one evening of another. SHame I can’t do the afrocuban weekender this September (I have to revise for my exam in October).

Eats: 1 toast w/cherry jam | 1 bread w/edam | 2 tea | cherries & blueberries | pasta w/tuna & pesto | sour milk cake | lamb curry, squash curry | naan | poppadums | 1 banana bread beer | 1 sunburst beer |

Exercise: light gardening. Walk to seafront and home