143.8 on the scales this morning

I spent much of yesterday’s Food Day just eating completely randomly. Nibbling on this, snacking on that. I was like the very hungry caterpillar.

For dinner I made some curries and I actually ate much less than I normally would and I can tell this morning. By 11am I was already hungry ( I don’t normally get hungry on a Fast day until the afternoon).

By noon I was feeling a little shaky and TSC decided for me: eat something or else.

Not wanting to completely blow a Fast Day with a full scale meal, I had some salad with prawns at lunch time. I’m due for some dancing tonight so I guess maybe full scale fasting might not be the best. It’s not always so but I’ve been to dance events where I’ve been doing the aerobic equivalent of running a marathon to music.

I feel sorta bad for not fasting today. I’ve not eaten a lot but I know when I weigh myself tomorrow and it’s up I’ll feel guilty. If I had fasted and it’s high, I’d think: “well, I did all I can do”, but knowing I ate today will make it feel like it’s my fault. It also makes me think I’ll never get past the plateau.  Guilt. That old enemy again.

Mind you, maintenance isn’t exactly a bad thing either. There’s no sign I’m putting it all back on or anything. Maybe I should just give myself a break.

Eats: 1 milk tea | 1 rooibos tea | salad w/prawns

Exercise: cycle ride into town | salsa dancing