144lbs on the scales this morning, pushing my average up by 0.1lb

Although I had a high sodium dinner so it could just be that – or it could be the plateau doing it’s thing to keep me stable at 143.  *shrug*. Up and down and up and up and down and down and up and down go my daily weights. Many might think it excessive to weigh every single morning. I don’t. I like to not have missed it if I got down to a new low but it does mean seeing a LOT of fluctuation.

If I only weighed myself once a week (let’s say, every Monday) then my weights since starting this  9 weeks ago would look like this:

  • 150.6
  • 144.4
  • 145.2
  • 141.4
  • 143.4
  • 147.4
  • 142.2
  • 142.8
  • 144.0

which is rather all over the place.  Am I losing weight or what? It’s hard to tell. I seem to do well, then jump up to 147 in week 6, lose again and then gain a bit.

So here is the ‘every Monday’ amounts if I go by my physicsdiet averages:

  • 148.47
  • 146.99
  • 145.86
  • 144.14
  • 143.70
  • 144.07
  • 143.57
  • 142.96
  • 142.95

which gives a somewhat clearer picture that yes, I really am losing weight although I went up a smidgeon in week 5.  Without Physicsdiet, I would probably go out of my mind, thinking I wasn’t making any kind of progress but with the fluctuations smoothed out I see I am chipping away toward that 132 goal weight, albeit slowly.

In a way, the longer it takes the easier it’ll be to maintain. The longer it takes the more incorporated into my normal life this becomes. The longer it takes the more genuine it will be.  I could just stop eating entirely until I get to 132 but what would that teach me? I’d be at my goal weight without knowing a thing about maintaining that.  The slowness of this process  might actually be one of its greatest strengths, in that I get completely used to living this way and my weight is merely a reflection of my normal eating habits rather than the result of some quick-fix diet plan.

Really, the plateau is my body doing a pretty good job of maintaining a stable weight (a desirable outcome from every angle except vanity) so I shouldn’t complain that it’s doing a pretty good job. While it’s maintaining some sort of equilibrium I am also learning to treat ADF as normality, learning to let go of stupid numbers and learning to appreciate what I have while I have it. I also get the health benefits of fasting, whether I lose weight or not. That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

Eats: 1 milk tea | 1 green tea | water

Exercise: cycle across town (1 hour)