morning’s weight: 141.6 – bringing the average down by 0.16

oooh a big drop this morning. Still within plateau-land but I’m glad yesterday I fasted successfully. I started to feel rather hungry at 7pm and even grumpy by about 8pm but held on. TSC made himself a dinner of cheese on toast which tested my resolve but I was pretty determined and managed not to crack.

Out of interest, I weighed myself just before going to bed to see how much I lose overnight. It turned out to be 1.6lbs. If you can ‘lose’ that much just overnight, that sort of puts into perspective how little I need to freak out if I go up by that much.  After all, the first 140lbs are set and solid at the moment but the few over that (the extra 1 – 5lbs over the 140) are fluid and insubstantial. All the more reason to take more note of my average weight than what my scales report. It’s a lot less volatile.

So, 143lbs is what I weigh at the moment. That’s pretty good. It’s less than I weighed aged 17, less than I weighed when I met TSC and in a healthy range for my height. I’m also iron-woman on my bicycle and can do 24 push ups (as opposed to erm, about 3 when I started at the beginning of the year), so if that ain’t progress!

Because of this, I think I’ll start posting my average weight in the title and the morning’s weight in the body. I’m emphasising the fluctuations too much otherwise. I shouldn’t report myself to be 141 then 145 then 143 then 140 then 147.  I should think of myself as 142 – 143.

Eats: 2 milk tea | 2.5 toast w/honey | 1 apple | thai prawns sandwich | 1 milky way | frikadelle w/chips and sauerkraut and kale

Exercise: commute in, slight headwind | 24 push ups | 12 leg lifts | 12 super crunches| commute home

weather: gorgeous, turned cloudy in the afternoon. Cooler, too.