142.95 average (up again)

Yikes! a hundred and forty four again?! This is driving me nuts. Another weight gain. Is this because of the hefty cycle ride on Saturday?

w-e-e-e-ell, sorta. Y’see we did that monster ride on Saturday, burning up between 1800 and 2600 calories, depending on which highly inaccurate calorie calculator you use – (I’m skeptical about those figures, but of course that’s just an estimate).  Why do the calculators never factor in the terrain? We did monstrous hills, we had a headwind at the start and the perceived effort of the first beacon I would say was a 10 out of 10 – I could have been out for the same length of time and just cycled along a long, flat riverside path yet the calculator would give me the same number.

On Sunday (a fast day) we did some heavy duty gardening (digging manure into the garden, mmh, fragrant) and then planted out our sweetcorn seedlings and leeks. I can tell that was hard work because my back muscles are pretty sore today. I have to admit I quite like that muscular soreness after exercise. In some screwed up way it makes me aware of my body’s strength, because I become aware of each movement of my muscles. I realise I’m a living body rather than a moving blob.

Anyway, (where was I?) oh yeah. After all that hard work and the cycling the day before, I cracked and had some stiry fry with TSC. I needed the food but I felt very guilty when I went to bed. Could I not have hung on? Was I really feeling that low? Not only that but I had some cake. CAKE, PEOPLE! what was I thinking? Cake on a Fast Day? Since when was that allowed?

Well, what’s done is done and I could fast today instead but since I fasted almost the whole day yesterday (we ate at about 7)  I don’t want to do it all over again, so today is still a Food Day. I’ll take the hit on the scales.

And take a hit, I have. 144lbs again, but I suspect I’d be high anyway because of all that exercise. I probably cracked and had some food yesterday because of all that exercise. You can’t remove that much energy from the system without it retaliating and wanting to put it back again, or at least make sure you have enough in case you need to do it again tomorrow. Although I remain skeptical that that is actually the calorie usage it required. It seems incredibly high to me, even with all those hills.

Today I aim to eat a little better. I’ll have a light lunch and dinner and get back into the rhythm again. I still kinda think maybe once a month going off schedule and ditching a Fast day might be worthwhile, psychologically. I seem to remember I cracked before, about one month ago. Or maybe I get a monthly weakness for other reasons. Is this a ‘listen to your body’ moment or someone making excuses?

Anyway, looks like this ole plateau is here to stay for a while. Either it’s a plateau or this ADF isn’t working to lose some weight. I’m still going to carry on as I am. Plateaus are not necessarily a sign that you’re doing anything wrong or it’s not working. There isn’t a weightloss technique out there that does not have plateaus, so they’re a fact of life. I am sure the same is true for weight gain for those wanting to put on a few pounds.

The body is not a calorie bank account with credits and debits. It is far far more complicated than that. The body is  able to regulate appetite, activity (or rest), basal metabolic rates, body composition. It can make you feel tired to stop you moving too much or make you feel energetic to keep calorie consumption higher. It can raise and lower intensity of bodily processes to tweak the metabolism, it can make you sleepy to encourage rest or make you restless to encourage movement. It can break down muscle or build more. It can store fat in various places, such as under the skin or within the muscles, it can make you crave veggies or fatty foods or sugary foods or whatever it likes in order to keep the whole system functioning as best as it can.  Our bodies have had to be self-regulating, movable parcels for a lot longer than our species has been able to give even a passing thought to what foods to put into the system. Our bodies are way ahead of the game on this one.

For me, that’s yet another reason not to pick on fat people or to hold people entirely accountable for their body. Society has got that one wrong, I think. Sure, I’m trying to lose weight based on what I think I know but I don’t feel I have complete control over the process. No one has.

Here is an article that might make depressing reading if you’ve just bought some running shoes to help you lose weight.

does exercise really make us thinner?

Eats: 2 toast w/cherry jam | milk tea | rosehip tea | fried rice w/veggies | plaice w/ beurre noisette| potatoes | leeks | shoo-fly cake w/custard|

Exercise: cycle into town