142.85 average (up a bit)

There ya go: the weight gain that I get from excessive exercise.  This month of May has been frustraitng for its lack of much progress on the weightloss front.  I weighed less than that all the way back middle of April! My weight has just fluctuated around this since then.  My average has continued to fall a little but I’ve still lost only less than a pound over the last 30 days. That’s rather plateau like, no?  Is it all that exercise? I’ve done some pretty hefty cycle rides. That’s the only thing that’s changed.

Today, the day after my Nemesis, I feel a bit wiped out. I really do want to eat, hoping it’d make me feel less fatigues and pick me up a little but on the other hand, I cannot face stepping on scales and seeing even higher numbers and knowing it’s cos I ate on a Fast Day.

We did some gardening today, digging manure into the soil and planting out some seedlings. I’m done in now. I don’t want to move much now. Too tired, but still stubbornly refusing to eat. Save it for tomorrow.

Eats: water | 1 milk tea | rosehip tea | stir fry | Amish shoo-fly cake

Exercise: gardening