142.75 average

oooh so near again! I wonder whether my weight will twang back now after being so close to 140lbs again. This is getting a bit like those bungee run fairground games. You get strapped into a waistcoat attached to a bungee on an inflatable track. You have to run to place your marker as far as you can but the elastic twangs you back. It’s generally hilarious. This? Not so much.

TSC fasted yesterday, to see for himself what it feels like. I think it gave him quite an insight, although I suspect he found it much harder than I do. Not eating for extended periods of time seems to be a habit in my  family, so it may be that the necesary hormones naturally start flowing before we feel too unwell. He felt dizzy and a bit phased, so I suspect his liver isn’t kicking out the glucose as effectively as it could, to cover his body’s needs. That might just be something that comes with practice or is a genetic difference. Who knows.

He also felt cold (just like I always do, whether I’m fasting or not) and said it wasn’t the kind of cold he expected or is used to. Hah! welcome to my world!

I suspect cold to him means the skin receptors reporting a chill on the skin. That’s easily taken care of with a layer of clothing. The kind of cold that I feel is all the way through you and you can’t shake it off or warm up. It’s like a cloak you’re wearing. Putting on extra layers doesn’t even help all that much because you feel cold all the way inside and not just on the surface. It’s a miserable kind of cold.

The weather had indeed turned chilly yesterday and I was in three layers, but even so, my toes went numb. That must be the Raynaud’s. My feet weren’t cold (in their lambswool socks and cozy slippers) but my body was and that sent the signals to my extremeties to shut down blood supply for life-support. Raynaud’s is an overreaction to the cold. People get attacks in their fingers, their earlobes, their nose or their toes (or any combination of those). I mostly get it in the fingers but yesterday my toes went numb. Taking my socks off to check they were ok, I saw they had turned white. I warmed them up in some warm water and that made my toes turn purple (it was comical – like a cartoon!) It’s very peculiar, as my feet weren’t feeling cold, it was just an over reaction to the rest of me being a bit chilly.

TSC was in his cardigan and also unable to warm up, so we put the electric underblankets on (in MAY!!!) and went to bed. Now he has an idea how I feel for about 9 months of the year…

I don’t think he’ll be taking up ADF any time soon. I don’t think it suits him all that well and he comes from skinny stock already so it’s not like he wants (or can afford) to lose much weight.

As for me, it’s encouraging to see the hundred and forties again and maybe, juuuust maybe, I’ll la-la-limbo on under that threshold in a week or so. Maybe. The alternative is that I suddenly gain about four pounds overnight and I start petulantly stamping my feet again. That seems to have been the maturity with which I’ve approached things so far…

Eats: 3 toast w/ honey or almond nut butter | 3 milk tea | 1 chocolate digestive | 1 pea soup (instant – blegh!) | roasted vegetable sandwich | 1 banana | 1 apple | 1 geo cereal bar | fresh peas| strawberry chewits | Bratwurst w/Sauerkraut and Bratkartoffel|

Exercise: commute in warm weather with Lucy | 14 push ups | commute home with a tailwind

Wether: warmer, cloudy, not windy