143 average

We set off for our longer ride, which turned out to be 40 miles of some moderately hilly terrain. Only one really steep one, the rest were just gentle rolling hills. Although flat terrain is easy and pleasant, it does get boring so I like a few hills here and there to make things interesting.

We passed a farm shop that sold all sorts of fantastic goodies including locally grown asparagus. We bought about a kilo of the stuff to have with our cous-cous and sausages that evening.

We camped at a campsite and ate our fill of asparagus, cous-cous (a great cycle-tourer’s friend. Weighs very little, swells up enormously and you don’t use a lot of fuel to cook it  – just add hot water and leave to one side ) which we had with sausages. We ate MORE than our fill and had no room for the cookies we’d bought as a pudding.

Eats: 1 bowl cornflakes | 1 banana| 2 ginger nuts | 1/2 packet peanuts | 1/2 bag of crisps | 1 cornetto ice cream | 1 portion couscous | sausages | 1/2 bottle red wine | 1/3 bottle of dark beer | tons of local asparagus w/ local garlic butter|

Exercise: 4 hours cycling (40 miles) with ~8kg in panniers