143lbs average

Today we cycled about 10 miles to friends for the festival. I hadn’t eaten all day but our friends had made some baguette with pate and crisps in the evening. I resisted these goodies until I was directly offered on. I nibbled a few crisps and thought: “well, I need carbs for the long ride tomorrow”

At the festival, I had two half pints of beer (good job I’m not keen on the taste of hops) and, because we were told they were excellent, we had a sausage in a bun each. TSC bought one and I was only going to have half but I hadn’t eaten a bean all day, so I ate it all (I offered him the second half and he suggested I just eat the whole thing).

Later in the evening, TSc had had abou 6 pints of beer and asked me to dance. That was quite a shock. I’m the dancer (salsa, mostly) and one of our friends kept telling everyone in the group (whom we didn’t know) that I was an accomplished dancer (I’m a one-trick pony actually – salsa and latin type dances only – I’m weak on anything feestyle). He asked me to dance (I’ve shown him some salsa moves at home before) so at first I refused (too scared, too shy) and then thought: what message are you sending him if you refuse to dance when he asks? JUST GO DANCE!” so I did and had an awesome time. On the dancefloor it felt like there wasn’t anyone else but him. We didn’t do any fancy moves but I love it anyway. What a fool I’d have been if I’d missed that chance.

Eats: 1 slice baguette w/pate | ~50g crisps | 1 sausage in a bun | 1 pint beer

Exercise: 1 hour cycling (10 miles) | dancing to jazz (3 songs)