143.2 average

this week’s weight summaries are

Fast days are marked as (F):

Sat  – 141.8

Sun – 144.2 (F)

Mon – 142.2

Tue – 143.8 (F)

Wed – 142.2

Thu – 142.6 (F)

Fri – 140.0

Stepping on the scales this morning and seeing 140lbs exactly was a surprise. That’s the lowest I’ve ever weighed. The last time I saw that was three weeks ago. Since then I had a small gain and then a plateau. It looks like the plateau has passed. I don’t know whether it’s history yet though. This weekend TSC and I are at a beer & jazz festival on my fast day followed by cycle touring for two days. I can burn up 1000 calories in a day easily when cycle-touring. We’re cycling around for about 5 hours each day.

Now, for someone looking to lose weight, that seems ideal right? Burning up all those calories, except I’m not sure I’ll be able to fast on those days. Two reasons: Cycling up hill and down dale for 5 hours is tough enough. To do it on no foods (especially carbs) is likely to be ridiculously hard.  Secondly, in the evening we usually go find somewhere nice to eat, as a sort of reward for the day and to rest up ready for tomorrow’s ride.  How can I just sit there watching TSC tuck into a big dinner and I’m sipping on some sparkling water?!?!

What that means is, I’ll probably come back from our trip a bit heavier and I’ll remain in the 140s. I can’t wait to see a hundred and thirty something on my scales, but alas, that will be snatched away from me for now.  So close and yet so far.

Still, I am sure I’ll get there eventually. I’m going to try to maintain more or less the fast and food days as they are and see how I get on with the demands of the cycling.

Saturday is the beer and jazz festival. How I’m going to fast that day, I don’t know. We’re staying with friends and no one other than TSC knows I do this, so I won’t be able to refuse the meal they serve. Maybe if I ate very very sparingly – although from past experience it doesn’t seem to matter how much/little I eat but the hormonal changes the fasting produces are what does the trick.

Sunday we’re cycling and camping. That’ll be a food day, so I’ll be eating ad lib.

Monday is a fast day and we’ll be cycling home. I can probably fast that day, as I’ll have eaten well the day before

My brown cords are now rather loose and quite baggy around the thighs. I’m wondering whether I can still wear them or whether I should bite the bullet and buy a new pair (I hate clothes shopping,though).

I’m also in need of some tops I can dance in.

Eats: milk-tea | muesli w/ banana, yoghurt and milk | cheese/tomato sandwich | asparagus and parmesan tart | 3 ginger nuts | spaghetti bolognaise  | garlic bread |

Exercise: cycle ride into town