143.36 average

crumbs! only 0.4lbs heavier AFTER a food day! Mind you,  I did go dancing in the evening, and all that sweatiness will have dehydrated me, so I shouldn’t be surprised if after today’s Fast Day (where I’ll be replenishing fluids) I won’tsee much of  loss (it could even go up!)

I ate quite lightly yesterday (some fruit mid morning, a bagel for lunch and soup for dinner with an aspargus tart as a starter and cheesecake for pud) so that might explain why my weight’s not gone up very much. I don’t have a heavy dinner in my system, stepping on the scales with me. I wonder whether a light food day yesterday will make for a difficult fast day today. So far so good, though.

I feel very low today. My body image issues have taken a downward turn. I hate my body again. Stupid, but there ya go. I went dancing and tried to encourage TSC to come to the lesson, too. When I got there I was glad he didn’t come along. Too many attractive women for him to dance with. Why so insecure??!?!!

I got home at about 22.30 and climbed into bed. I find it very difficult dropping off to sleep after I’ve been dancing and I lay there, awake feeling rather glum.

Eats: 2 milk tea | water |

Exercise: commute in at top speed | light strength training (incl 22 push ups) |   commute home